Cycling Gloucestershire & UK Bike Trail Guide

Cycling Gloucestershire & UK Bike Trail Guide

I have recently got a cheap mountain bike with the aim of improving my fitness on a daily basis, I have put on many pounds recently and very unfit due to my unhealthly lifestyle. My cycling will be mainly very close to home this year as I improve my stamina, this will include cycle rides in; The Severn Valley, The Forest Of Dean and The Cotswolds.

The cycling guide will also be contributed to by my brothers as and when they want to add something.

Brother David – He likes his off road mountain biking and travels throughout the UK finding the best off road cycling. As he always likes to moan about his bike injuries from his crashes I purchased him a HD bike cam so I can you tube his best journeys and crashes.

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Brother Andy – The serious cyclist, Andy does more road miles on his bike than a lot of people do in their cars in a week. He often does 60-150 miles in a weekend. Hope he provides some good bike stories.

Cycle related pages coming soon

The following list of cycling related pages are in our priority list to be created. Follow us on Twitter to stay updated @WalkCampCycle

  • Cycle routes throughout the UK
  • Cycling Guides, websites and books
  •  Cycle holidays
  • Off road biking
  • Mountain bike trails
  • New cycle routes
  • Top cycle routes

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