Camping pods in Devon & Cornwall

Camping pods seem to be all the rage when looking at glamping sites these days.  They are a bit like a cross between self-contained accommodation and camping so the best of both worlds in reality.  Most are made from wood and can house 2-8 people depending on the size.

For those thinking of a holiday near the sea or inland in the picturesque scenery of Devon and Cornwall a Camping Pod may be the unobvious choice for you.

About Pods

Most camping pod manufacturers fit them with double glazed windows, insulation in the walls, and more often than not an electric heater.

Sites with Pods for Accommodation

There are many sites to choose from and will be adding these as they get added to our blog.

Dunsdon Farm Devon

Camping Pods Devon

Dunsdon Farm Quarry camping pods are like a luxury wooden tent, which by your choice can be a luxury lace for you to stay at the weekend or keeping it sparse for convenience when on your Holiday.  More info…