1st Walk Since Website Redesign

1st Walk Since Website Redesign Robinswood Hill In Gloucester

I allocated the Christmas holidays to convert the existing site to word press for ease of adding new content while making website more functional with mobile phones.

On Twitter I got distracted by a Father James of @charlottessteps climbing a local hill 75 times with the adventurers of the @superherofoundation that includes Jamie McDonald who walked across Canada and his cousin that paddled the Mississippi river.

I went to support them onsite and climbed ascent 4 with James but realised my time was best spent raising awareness via my many social media networks.

Robinswood Hill Walk

There are many routes to the top of the hill and the best representation of this is a printable PDF by the local council. Download Now…

Robinswood Hill Photos

Gloucester services superhero

Gloucester services superhero

Robinswood Hill Gloucester Panoramic

Robinswood Hill Gloucester Panoramic


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